There are many different methods of motivating the employees today as companies are operating in the global business environment.

  1. Empowerment: Giving more responsibility and decision making authority enhance the realm of control over the tasks for what someone is held responsible and better equips them to carry out those tasks.
  2. Creativity and Innovation: In many companies most of the employees do not express their creativity to the higher management assuming that they will be ignored and made fun of. Therefore, an organization must understand their workers, support them and build them as creative and innovative thinker.
  3. Learning: If anyone is given some the tools and opportunities to accomplish more, I am sure the challenge will be accepted. Hence, organizations can encourage the staff to achieve more by committing to perpetual enhancement of employee skills.
  4. Monetary Incentive: Money place a major role in motivation. A sharing of a company’s profits gives incentive to employees to produce a quality product, perform quality service, and improve the quality of process within the organization. Hence, To boost productivity monetary benefits play important role.
  5. Appreciating Good Work: Everyone wants to be noticed and praised when something good is being done. The management must keep tracking the good works of the employees and appreciate their performance in public.


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