Are you worried that your anger is in control of your life and you are looking for some ways to control your temper? You are in the right place. Here we will give you five amazing tips to overcome your anger.

  • Think before saying something: In the heat of the moment, some people do not care what the words are. Speak thoughtfully every word that comes out of your mouth because a person who speaks thoughtfully never gets angry.
  • Take a deep breath: Before taking any action in anger just a few deep breaths will help you control your anger instantly and give you clear thinking.
  • Meditation: Everyday meditation can be a big help to overcome your high temper. Every morning just sit alone comfortably in a quiet place where no one can disturb you and focus on your breath by closing your eyes.
  • Auto-Suggestion: Talking to your self positive statements has proved beneficial in every field. Changing your way of thinking from negative to positive is called “cognitive restructuring” which helps in controlling your anger in a good way. You can use the below power statement when you are angry:

                   a. I am peaceful.

                   b. I am kind.

                   c. I think and speak.

                   d. I am controlling my anger every day

                   e. My emotions and feelings are controllable etc.

  • Think about your happy moments: Thinking about something that makes you happy or changes your mood can be a big help to overcome your short-temper. 
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