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Whenever a person is anxious about something, several symptoms are seen. They can be physical, behavioral, and psychological. Here, you will know some of the psychological symptoms when anxiety hits you. 

  • Feeling frightened and panicky
  • Thinking that you might be losing your mind
  • That you might be having a heart attack 
  • Feeling that you are losing your control
  • Worrying that there may be something wrong seriously wrong with your brain
  • Worrying that you might make a fool of yourself in front of other people by saying or doing something silly.
  • Wanting to escape and to get to a safe place

If you have any of the above symptoms, you should get to work on overcoming your anxiety. 

Though little anxiety is normal as it makes us more productive. However, if your health, job, and everyday life are impacted then it is not normal. If it shuts off your mind, you need to make a plan to overcome your anxiety. 

The important step to fight your anxiety is to work on your thinking pattern. 

You need to observe closely what runs through your head that leaves you feeling that way. 

Most of the time, anxiety is just an outcome of your negative thoughts. You can take help from a certified therapist to identify your negative thoughts and make a plan to eradicate them. 

Moreover, there are several articles about overcoming anxiety which can be a big help but importantly, you have to work on your negative thoughts. Negative thoughts work like weeds in the garden. The more you feed them the stronger they grow.

Imagine you are a gardener and you need to pull out all the wild plants from your head. This may take months to clean your mind completely but consistent work will bring success. 

Removing the negative thoughts is not only the complete process. You need to sow good seeds in your mind as well. While you are pulling off bad and negative thoughts, make sure you are putting positive, healthy, and productive thoughts in your mind. 

Start pulling out your negative thoughts today and cultivate the positive and motivating thoughts. 

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