Learn how to overcome self pity for better life
Learn what is self-pity and ways to overcome it

Self-pity is something when you completely focused on feeling bad about your problems. When you are overly sad about a tough situation you are going through you are going into self-pity.

This emotion arises when you start feeling and complaining in your head that no one is taking care of me, there is nothing that can help me out of my trouble, no one is kind and helpful to me, etc.

If you are feeling the same way and have yourself indulged in self-pity you are in the right place. This article will help you to overcome your sad feeling and kill the enemy inside.


You will hear from a person with self-pity, ‘I deserve a better life’, ‘No one takes care of me’, ‘everyone is against me’, ‘life is worst’, etc. However, a person with an attitude of gratitude will always say the opposite, ‘I thank God I have a perfect life’, ‘everyone is for me’, ‘I have more than I need’ and so on. Making a list of all that you can be grateful for and reading them loudly before going to bed and after waking up in the morning can defeat the self-pity in a very short time.


I believe you have achieved several things in life you can be happy about. Honoring your achievements can relive your sad feelings and set you up for greater opportunities to grow in your personal and professional life.
Start writing the things you have accomplished and targets you have hit. You will soon notice the changes and self-pity will start to fade.


Most of the time, we call in self-pity by deserting ourselves from family and friends. Here is a powerful tip that can stop this negative emotion to take effect in your life. Spending time with friends and family can make you forget your problems and negative emotions. Even sharing your trouble with a person you trust can bring you to the solution you were trying to get. Therefore, start going out and striking up a conversation with your friend that can help you in your difficult time.


Taking the time and analyzing your problem or situation you are going through, by focusing on finding the solution, can train your mind and help you focus on what you are going to and not what you are going through. Importantly, life will become how you view it. Instead of focusing on the problem, think about finding out the solution to your negative feelings.


Finally, taking time for daily meditation in a comfortable place where no one can disturb you will help you come out of self-pity. There are many other benefits of every meditation such, as reducing stress, increased focus, emotional intelligence, improved physical well-being, improved creativity, and many more.

Please comment what tip you like the most?

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